Ana Pronio

Broker of Record

Born on a small island in the Azores (Portugal) Ana’s childhood began with a simple lifestyle in the families raised bungalow built by her dad. Little did she know that homes, be it building or selling them would be a passion that she would share with her family!

In 1973 the family moved to Canada and so the journey began…

Ana spent the first few years of her career working as a Real Estate Law Clerk at a downtown firm and in 1989 plans for law school were put on hold in exchange for an administrative position at none the less Re/Max!

She loved the hustle & bustle of the industry, the agents, the legal documents, the marketing but most and foremost was the excitement of watching a deal come together and experiencing the joy of a first time home buyer!

Despite her love for the real estate industry she instinctively felt that she would love building homes even more! By 1991 she affirmed the family passion by taking on a position in the legal department of one of the largest home builders of the early 90’s. It was like a game of “what time is it Mr. Wolf” taking several steps forward one move at a time!

She spent over a decade working long hours, dedicating herself to the building industry and quickly developed a thorough understanding of the subtle nuances and various aspects of the business as well as the integral components of land acquisition, project financing, land servicing & new home building. Driven by a passion for the industry she quickly climbed the corporate ladder one rung at a time from Administrator to Office Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, Contracts Manager, Project Manager & finally V.P. of Operations.

Having spent many a weekend organizing, educating & training sales staff at the company’s sales offices and on many occasions taking to the sales floor she came to a profound realization, “I want to be instrumental in helping people realize their dreams ” and embarked on a real estate career that would later boast an impressive sales portfolio of approximately 700 properties. By 2005 she became licensed and in 2008 ranked 10th top selling agent in Ontario for her brokerage! Within those three years she gained invaluable knowledge and experience in condo conversions, residential and commercial real estate.

By 2011 it was clear that Real Estate would be her final career move and she opened Trends Realty a boutique brokerage in King City. She took her time building the company as each agent at Trends was a piece of a puzzle that created the diversity and team culture they enjoy today. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork is their motto!

In 2018 relying on her confidence and experience from the late 80’s with the Re/Max brand and understanding that innovation will play a key roll in the next chapter of her life. she affiliates her successful boutique brokerage with none other than Re/Max Hallmark!

A brilliant move joining the largest franchise in the world with her boutique to bring to you King Townships powerhouse brokerage Re/Max Hallmark Trends Group Realty!

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